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Waiting on Spring to be here!

Posted on 14 January 2014


Even though it is January, Spring is on my mind. This is probably due to the fact that we will be opening in the Spring.  Every piece of clothing is bright and cheery, yet the weather out is drab. Clothing has this great innate ability to make one's mood change drastically. Spring colors are an easy way to cheer up anyone's day.

The colors that we have been seeing when at markets are fun and bright. They range from a bright royal blue to coral or even to a chartreuse. Whether these colors are in a print or a solid, they are sure to brighten one's day whether it is the person wearing it or a bystander.

Then you have the comeback kids. Palazzo pants are making a comeback people! Who knew right? Now I know what you are thinking, if you are my age which is in your twenties, you might be a tad confused. Heres a little history for you, they were first debuted in the 1960s and 1970s as palazzo trousers.  They are wide leg pants and differ from bell bottom pants. Palazzo pants flare out evenly from the waist to the ankle, instead of just flaring out at the bottom. Now if you were around when this pant was a fashion forward trendsetter you might be worried that they have already had their time in the spotlight. But this is a different take on the Palazzo pants and the look isn't quite the same. This pant is not for everyone but to be honest, I think it will be a hit due to the breathability of the fabrics. It is lightweight and fashionable. We have quite a few different options of theses pants coming to the boutique. Either from prints or styles. You can see a few of these styles in our slideshow on our Home page.

Another fashion trend that is prevalent, the MAXI dress. We all know that these dresses can range from comfortable and simple to sexy and chic. From wild prints to bold solid colors, these dresses have been a staple piece in  women's closets the past few summers. I, myself, am in love with this trend. Dresses are the go to outfit for me because I can just pick one article of clothing and my outfit is done. Granted these dresses aren't always the best for every occasion but we have fixed that problem. The S.E.E. Boutique will be carrying a variety of styles of maxi dresses, ranging from silk to cotton. The silk has sophisticated this trend to make it possible for one to wear it to a wedding or a special occasion dinner. There are some negatives when silk is involved. Whether it is the fact that the price of silk is expensive or the hassle of having to get the article of clothing dry cleaned. But if you took one look at the brilliance of the material used in the dress, one would agree that these negatives are quite manageable.

I would love to keep talking about the beautiful clothing coming soon to the boutique, but I think this entry has enough to make you want to know more.  :) Like I said in the prior post, please let me know what you would like me to write about. I am open to suggestions.  Have a  great night!



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