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My love for Fashion

Posted on 11 February 2014

little girl

My love for fashion began at a very young age.  I chose the picture above because  I have always had a special fondness for fur and cheetah prints even as child. When I was young,  my Nana gave me the nickname "Coco," but  back then I did not understand what  she meant. Recently Nana explained this nickname came to her while we were shopping in a mall when I was about five years old. I was going through the racks saying "love it, love it, love it ! Hate it! Oh love it!" Back then, my love for fashion was quite entertaining to my Nana.   Hence  the nickname "Coco." Yes, I know, it does not surprise you to know that my obsession started at a young age.

I have never shied away from my first love, fashion.  Even though it can be cruel or too much to handle at times. You know what I mean, the cruelty comes from the picture perfect purse that is just out of your price range. If only everything we loved could magically appear the next day on your front porch, but alas it takes time to either save up for the  purse or try to get over the loss and move on to something new. Then there is the disappointment that comes when a certain popular style  emerges and doesn't  fit your body type even though you really wish it did.  If only we were like Cinderella and had a Fairy Godmother who could swish her wand and we'd magically have the perfect outfit.

Now, I am not one to say I have the best style, but my style is  unique. From a young age, I have rocked certain styles that my mother thought were quite out there. She would ask, "Sarah, is that your outfit for the day?" Well, of course, why would I want to dress like everyone else? I want to be different, to be my own person, expressing myself the way I want to that day.  I love the fact that my style is  different. I bet many of you love the fact that you have items in your closet that no one else has. We women love to have an outfit on and know that no one else will be wearing the same  exact outfit. Of course we all know that we might have the same shirt or dress as other people but it is how you style the outfit that makes it your own. Your body is the canvas and fashion is the medium  you can use to create your own  masterpiece.

I wish I could write a book about  my love but alas who would read a book with grammatical errors written by a girl who loves fashion.  I really hope that you  are enjoying my blog. Please leave me comments below to let me know what you think and do not be afraid of the email caption. I WILL NOT BOMBARD YOU WITH EMAILS ! I promise :)

Have a great day!


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