About Us

While attending the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, Sarah Estes, like most girls on campus enjoyed shopping at the boutiques located throughout the city.  Sarah realized over the years while visiting home on break that there were no similar boutiques in Midlothian. In an effort to fill this void and bring the same shopping experience to Midlothian, she decided to pitch the idea of opening up her own boutique to her mom, Cathy Estes.  Being an avid shopper herself and seeing the need for a boutique in Midlothian, Cathy agreed.  So the mother-daughter duo came up with an idea for a boutique. They wanted a place where they both could shop and find either a piece of jewelry or clothing that fit their own style.

The S.E.E. Boutique offers clothing for more than one generation. It appeals to the everyday woman who wants to be stylish and comfortable. The clothing, jewelry and accessories in the store are unique to Midlothian, Virginia. The brands and styles are handpicked to appeal to the women in this area.

The S.E.E. Boutique is conveniently located in the Sycamore Square shopping center in Midlothian. This unique boutique presents a warm and cozy shopping experience.  Customers will feel relaxed as they shop.  From the candle light to the light music playing in the background, the setting is sure to make one feel at home. You will not want to miss this memorable shopping experience.

Recently won The Best Local Fashion Boutique by Style Weekly. Thank you for voting and your support!

Sarah  & Cathy Estes

(804) 912-6631