One on One Styling

Looking for a change or trying to determine if your style works for your body type? Or are you simply too busy to add shopping for your wardrobe to your list of things to do. Look no further. We will be offering one on one styling with our owner Sarah Estes.

What do you mean?

There are multiple options to  personal styling. Option one is where Sarah comes into your home for a consult and goes over what you already have. She will determine what to keep, toss, consign, and need to buy. Option Two is personal shopping, this means Sarah will go with you to multiple stores and hand pick outfits out. Through this option you will see in person why she picks each piece. 

Is this just for customers who want to shop in your store?

No. Ideally, I would love for customers to want this service since they were the ones asking for this service in the first place. This service will include shopping at other stores.

Is it just for women?

Nope. Men are more than welcome to this service.

Is this affordable?

YES! Pricing will vary depending on your budget as well as what your needs are.There will be an initial fee and then an hourly rate

How do I get started?

Simply email Sarah at inquiring about this service. She will then said you a questionnaire outlining what you aim to get out of the service and then set up your initial visit!